Do your lamination eyebrow yourself

Eyebrow lamination  !Simple process to implement, you can do it yourself or increase your beauty salon service

online course – include best product

now in promotion sale include full professional kit

to buy professional brow lamination kit only for 120$ press here

any question: Connect me via Whatsapp: 972-053-4208887 

how it is look? 

 The result looks like microblading

The difference is that it is without an invasive procedure

?How it work

To create perfect eyebrows yourself, use four formulas

 You will get perfect eyebrows, much thicker than normal.

It stays for 4-5 weeks

Easy and can do it to yourself.

?Did you like the idea


You get the kit home, after you receive it (7-14 days) you apply the process with me in the video tutorial on whatsapp\zoom Online.

Yes! They all succeed very easily

Practical training in English

What do you get in the kit?


Kit for at least 15 treatments

Material number 1- Straighten

Material number 2 – fixture

Material 3 – Keratin feed oil


Eyebrow laminated formula

Adhesive for eyebrow shaping


Comb eyebrows

Micro brushes

All the highest quality product.

?Did you like the idea


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